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Hi! I'm Leonardo, a web developer who also makes games in his spare time. Maybe someday I'll make them full-time!

Currently I'm located in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil, which is a naturally beautiful island city.

If you need to talk to me, I'm available at a variety of services. Don't expect an immediate response in instant messagers!

Service Alias
E-mail kroltan1@gmail.com
Discord kroltan#1337
Skype leo.scur
GitHub kroltan
StackOverflow kroltan



Community-created alternate server for a game whose official services was shutdown. Lots of reverse-engineering work went into it, resulting in a (honestly very messy) PHP codebase. In my defense, I was 15!

We also implemented a surrounding ecosystem for users:

  • Game launcher that automatically updates the game, in C# and GTK#
  • Landing page to inform new users, which eventually was bestowed the official domain name by the game's erstwhile developers.
  • Currently in progress, an online level search application that allows the users to search for content without booting the game, made in React.

I acted as a developer and project manager for the server project, as well as helping conceptualize and develop other tools related to the game. The team size varied over time, but was at its most composed of 4 people.

JouleThief: Charge Your Phone

An entry to the famous Ludum Dare game jam, where you must make a game from scratch, alone or as a team, within 48 or 72 hours. On top of that, a theme is provided to guide the ideas and facilitate rating.

This game is about some guy whose phone's battery is low, and he must break into houses and venues to steal electricity from the outlets. But the police is after him for being a Joule Thief!

I acted as a developer, game designer and project manager, with the team also having one graphical and one sound artists, who also helped with game design.

Work Experience


Developer, 2016 ~ current

Developer on AngularJS enterprise projects, and later, lead React developer on web application projects.


Intern, 2013 ~ 2015

Worked in various fields, mostly front-end Angular and back-end Python development, as well as some experience maintaining a Docker-based infrastructure, within a Scrum project.


If you're wondering why this website is so barren and textual, it is an ode to the olden "web 1.0" era. Nowadays, every website seems to be a web application, sporting incredibly efficient libraries and modern methodologies, and taking full advantage of how cheap and common high-speed internet has become.

As someone who spent a good part of his childhood on dial-up when everyone had broadband, I wanted to give a nod to that era. And also, it makes much more sense for a big ol' data dump site like this one to be just that, no bells nor whistles.

I wanted to make something simple and retro, that looked reasonably good. Slim, not sleek. Thus the choice of a simple color scheme, prosaic content, and brutalist design. This site is completely usable without CSS and/or JS!

Look decent and accessible, but allow graceful fallback all the way to 1999.

That was the design goal. This does not mean I'm using old or deprecated technology, however. This site uses modern ES6 JavaScript, but only for convenience, no content is controlled by it. It also uses the CSS Flex display module, which is at this point extremely well supported, yet still a "new" technology.

It does mean, however, that this site is doubly anarchronistic: Stylistically nostalgic, yet functionally contemporaneous. That is, from a technical point of view. From a user's point of view, it's exactly the opposite.